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Tango courses in Turin, Chieri and Settimo Torinese. Stage of tango Nuevo, vals and milonga.
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Dancer and teacher,  is the artistic and didactic director.
Dario, leaving behind himself other types of professional experience, chose to dedicate his life and energy to what is most dear to him: dance in all its expressive forms.


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Performer and teacher, teaches Argentine tango.
She studied ballet, contemporary dance and dance-theatre and started studying tango in 1999 in Italy and abroad, particulary in Buenos Aires. Teaches Argentine tango in Albissola Marina, near Savona, in Turin and in Livorno Monica works hand in hand with Dario Moffa teaching together in the stages and doing exibitions in different Italians regions.


Tangosensibile® is an applicative form Sensitive Dance, it breaks down the thin lines between couples when dancing together, those subtle dynamics  when two people dance together as one, in space and time, and the body dialogue, which music, the common denominator, is able to generate and stimulate at the same time.

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